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John Thomas White - Missing Person Missing person

General Information
Agency Imperial County Sheriff's Office
Case Name John Thomas White - Missing Person
Case Number 1505-2251
Date of Incident 05/27/2015
Time of Incident 11:00 AM UTC
Location I-8, Winterhaven, CA 92283, USA

The Sheriff's Investigations Unit s requesting information regarding John Thomas White, he was last seen walking towards interstate 8 near the Quechan Casino (Andrade Rd.) on 05/12/15 in the afternoon hours. 

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Missing Person Information
Description White male, Brown hair, Blue eyes
Approx. Height (ft, in) 5’ 8”
Approx. Weight (lbs) 180
Approx. Age 39
Unique Details
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You may comment below on the images if you have information that may be useful.

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