Petaluma Police Dept, Sonoma County, CA Petaluma (CA)

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Petaluma Police Department is dedicated to providing the best law enforcement services to the community and it prides itself on community involved programs. Petaluma has a population of approximately 59,000 and encompasses nearly 13 square miles situated 40 miles north of San Francisco Bay Area on U.S. 101, and 30 miles east of the Pacific Ocean. The Police Department staffing includes 84.5 full time employees, including one Chief, one Deputy Chief, four Lieutenants, nine Sergeants, forty-seven Officers, and other support staff.  In addition, the department has three K-9 Officers, Traffic Unit, Motorcycle Patrol, SWAT Team, Investigations Unit, FTP Program, and Reserve Community Service Officer Program (Volunteer). The Petaluma Police Department is proactive in Community Oriented Policing Philosophy.

Our Mission

Working with our community to provide professional police services since 1858.


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