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You and Blue empowers the public and law enforcement to collaborate in the shared pursuit of making our communities safer.

Working together, You and Blue

You and Blue is modern, online crime tipline. Our site allows law enforcement and the public to work together to help solve crimes in our communities. You and Blue is designed to speed up and improve the quality of the information provided and help law enforcement solve crimes faster. The public can search for cases where law enforcement needs help and they can also report new crimes or threats. You and Blue is a nonprofit organization dedicated to public safety and improving relationships between law enforcement and the public.

They go directly to the law enforcement agency that is looking for the public’s help. For new crimes reported by the public, tips are sent to the most appropriate law enforcement agency. All of the information and data sent is securely stored by You and Blue.

Mostly “tiplines” are phone based. Some agencies use email and others have simple contact forms for the public to use. Nothing is as sophisticated as You and Blue. We provide an enterprise-grade, secure environment for the law enforcement to ask for help and the public to give it. You and Blue provides guidance on the what information is helpful and allows for the uploads of images, videos, and documents. You and Blue also helps law enforcement manage this information in an efficient way.

You and Blue does capture IP information but we don’t specifically track you. The IP information is primarily used to serve you information that is relevant to your location. You and Blue acts as a buffer or a bridge between you and law enforcement and we do not share IP information unless specifically requested. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

There are a number of ways.

  1. Tell those you know about You and Blue. We are a public service but the public needs to know we are here in order for us to be effective.
  2. If you see something or know something that can help law enforcement with a crime, say something. It is on all of us to make our communities safer and stronger.
  3. Donate. We rely on the generosity of the public to keep us going.

As a nonprofit organization we are dedicated to our purpose and mission. Running You and Blue is an expensive undertaking. With your support we can keep going and improving! If you consider making a tax deductible donation to our organization. You can choose a variety of options-> A one time gift, monthly or annually. Thank you for considering it!

You can claim or create your agency profile here. Please note that all profiles are subject to verification before an account becomes active.